Aeration?  If you’re wondering what that is or if you have neglected aeration for a long time, no worries.  We can help you get your lawn ready for the spring/summer growing season.

Aeration is time-consuming activity that many homeowners neglect.  It has so many great benefits and spring is the perfect time to jump start your lawn with an aeration. At APM, we take lawn aeration seriously!

What is aeration?  Simply put, aeration is removal of small plugs of soil from the lawn.  This allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  As a result, your grass will be able to develop a stronger root system allowing it to withstand stressors such as weather fluctuations, drought, pests, and disease.

How do you know if your lawn needs to be aerated?  There are a few reasons that aeration is a must, especially in our high altitude and wildly fluctuating climate. New home landscapes are typically built with sod.  Sod can be installed in a hurry on already compacted soils.  This causes poor drainage as the water runs off the top of the sod instead of sinking into the roots of the sod.

Do you water your lawn and it immediately dries out?  Try aeration!  Water is pricey in our part of the country and wasting precious water on a lawn that quickly dries out can be remedied to a degree with deep core aeration in the spring and fall.

Do your kids and dogs use the lawn frequently?  That can lead to compacted soils, which again aeration may help.

Did you buy a lovely new home, but are not pleased with the lawn/landscape?  Frequently, new construction homes have hastily place sod on top of already compacted soils, due to the heavy equipment used in building new homes.

Frequent aeration can be part of a plan for a beautiful lawn.

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