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Water Efficiency

Maximize your Water Usage in the Colorado Heat

APM Lawn Care is certified (since 2011) by the Town of Castle Rock to improve your watering efficiency and effectiveness, helping you increase retention in your yard. 

Certified by Town of Castle Rock Utilities Department / Water Conservation Specialist — Certificate No. #9039 

Wasted Water equals wasted dollars.

70% of lawn watering is wasted. And, since more than half of your total water bill is lawn irrigation…inefficient watering can
waste hundreds of dollars a year.

Water Efficiency

Watering seems so simple. But in truth, it is super technical. Whoknew?! 

Honey Don’t drown the lawn!

Standing water can attract pests like mosquitos and other annoying little buggers.
I’m Thirsty!  (pant pant)

Too little water and the Colorado heat will scorch a luscious lawn .(sizzle sizzle)     
Different strokes for different folks.

Various types of grasses and plants have various watering needs that vary per season. Have you done your homework? Don’t worry just call our licensed professional. We got you covered.

We will maintain your sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems for you. 


Here’s what it looks like

The  Audit-  Performance of your current system analyzed with our Specialized Evaluation’s

  • We Quickly Identify inefficiencies
  • Verify types of plant, locations and season to assess proper sprinkler runtimes
  • Education on system and controllers

Maintenance & Repair -Clearly Identify and repair damage to:


Efficiency & Assurance

 Monitoring and Optimization of various irrigation elements. What we look for:

  • Water pressure is consistent
  • Proper absorption
  • Proper Coverage
  • Run off reduction



How does this service save us money on our water bill?

Having an up-to-date system is essential for efficiency.  People fail to realize the age of the system. Most systems installed before 2007 use cheap spray nozzles in hopes of watering quickly. Through education we realize the problems with this.

  • Run off and atmospheric loss contribute to 70% of water waste costing $100’s of dollars annually.
  • That waste is based off efficiency of the system.
  • Your lawn is a delicate eco-system. Proper understanding of the benefits or consequences of watering can make or break your lawn and the expenses associated.

How to save money! Simple… 

  • Fine tune your system
  • monitor for inefficiencies

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