Top Dressing

Top Dressing 

Sounds Fancy eh? It is! Golf course managers know that topdressing is one of the most effective actions you can take to improve the health of your turf.  Golf courses have  been doing this to since the beginning when the sport was invented. Timeless tricks of the trade are the best.

What is Topdressing?

Topdressing we call the quick and dirty remedy. It is the process of applying compost over the surface of the lawn. We love it because it is inexpensive, effective and quick for greening.

It is an  annual application of nutrient-rich organic material that promotes healthy root and soil structure. Compost has several benefits to your lawn…

  • Beneficial microbes and essential minerals are infused.
  • Soil aeration increases
  • Drought resistance improves
  • Compaction problems are relieved.
  • Over-all poor soil quality improves.

Again, we intend to support nature in its processes.

topdressing mix

What is in our Topdressing?

Nutrient-rich organic matter. The soil mix we currently is focused on balancing a high amount of organic matter containing different essential nutrients that we add your existing soil. The blends are chosen specifically to enhance soil in our particular area.

Adding this organic matter helps build up the soil flora and ensured your lawn is getting the  right biological components to be healthy.

What are the essential benefits  of Topdressing?

Achieve  A Level  Lawn.  An even lawn is an eye-catching lawn.

We use professional topdressing machines to make sure there is an even layer spread across your yard. If you don’t spread the dressing properly you can suffocate your lawn. This is why you call professionals.

Improves Soil Drainage

Sand and compost components help reduce soil compaction that is caused by clay soil. This clay is so beautiful but can be such an issue.  The goal is to increase your water drainage on your property to prevent water from just sitting on the surface. This is probably one of the few instances where water retention is a good thing! Help grow your  yard to levels it hasn’t been to before. Happy lawn, Happy customer, Happy us.

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