Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

• Deep Core Aeration “The lawn care secret”

Let Your Lawn Breathe
(The saying goes, you can’t grow lawn on a brick.)

A yard is only as good as its soil. Lawn aeration helps your lawn by:

  • Allowing air, water, and nutrientsto flow deep into your soil where they’re most needed
  • Fostering a deeper, denser root system
  • Creating healthier turf which repels weedsand is more drought tolerant
  • Breaks up a compacted soil.

When should you aerate?

Two times a year is highly recommended,  preferably in the fall and spring.

  • Liquid aeration should be applied in the fall/spring, when temperatures are less than 90 degrees.
  • Core Aeration should be done during the growing seasons when grass can fill any open areas after the soil plugs are removed.

Aerating & Overseeding Services For Your Lawn
This combo is critical to keeping  your lawn healthy & green

 A lush green lawn has two key components: aerating and overseeding.  Over a long period of time your grass can grow thick and matted near the soil and become very difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  This along with issues like disease, drought stress, and even foot traffic can cause problems such as a dull looking lawn with brown or dead patches everywhere.

Give it the ole one-two…

Lawn aeration and over-seeding are an essential part of our regular lawn care services. We  provide it as a standalone service for large residential and/or commercial clients that would like a one-time service, or we can include it as part of our long-term, consistent plan for you.

Lawn aerating is the process using a machine to punch hundreds of small holes into your lawn.  As the machine punches the holes it also removes a small amount of grass and soil, that we call “plugs”.  These holes assist the delivery of oxygen and nutrients directly to the root system of your lawn.  Pair this with overseed and you have just given your lawn the ultimate encouragement grow and repair itself.  This dynamic combo that can really help bring back a lawn from looking lackluster and uncared for, to lush and healthy again. The goal is barefoot-worthy.

Top Reasons To Aerate And Overseed Your Lawn

  1. You never have done this before.
  2. Your lawn looks patchy and brown, and sad.
  3. You tend to leave clippings on your lawn.
  4. You scalped your lawn leaving bare patches. (We all have done this. OOPS!)
  5. This is a high traffic zone. Entertaining on your lawn, kids and pets has it torn up.
  6. You just want to give your lawn some love and encouragement!
  7. A properly aerated lawn will also respond much more vigorously to fertilization and regular watering.
  8. Healthy soil equals Healthy grass.

Does My Lawn Really Need Aeration?

Put simply yes, especially in Colorado.  We have that really hard soil. It gets very compacted, and the water just runs off the top of the lawn.  Then you are just watering a ditch or the road in front of your house instead of letting that water soak in. We can get an inch of rain in 15 minutes, and then you want that water in soaking in. We value conservation and taking advantage of what nature has to offer. Aeration enhances natures intention. So, in essence, if you are serious about your lawn,  aeration and over-seeding are just a normal part of a regular lawn care regime.

In order to know for sure about the timing and need, we like to view your property to determine the overall condition of your lawn. Here’s the types of things we assess:

  • Does your lawn get used frequently by your children or pets?
  • Do you let your grass clippings fall back onto the lawn?
  • Was your lawn just recently installed?
  • Does your lawn dry out very quickly in the summer?

If you can answer yes to these things, they are indicators your lawn could benefit from aeration. Fall is the best time to aerate the lawn when the roots can recover quickly and the existing grass can work to fill in all of the plugs of grass/soil that will be removed during the aeration process.

What Does Lawn Aeration Do For Your Lawn?

This process delivers oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the roots which encourages the roots to grow deeper and works to improve their uptake of nutrients. Essentially increasing a deeper root system and nutrient uptake creates a resilience. Aerating is considered a “lawn care secret” that golf courses and sports fields groundskeepers have employed because it really makes a difference especially when used as part of a total lawn care program.

How is it Done?

It is a special process done with a  machine called a “lawn aerator”.  This machine was specifically designed to perforate your soil with hundreds of small holes that allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate directly into your lawns root system. The “plugs” of grass that are removed by the aerator usually contain an inch or two of soil and are about 1/2″ to 3/4″ in diameter.  These resulting holes are what allows the air and nutrients down into the soil and close to the root systems where they really need to be.

What Does Overseeding Do For Your Lawn?

Now that you have  the perfect environment for planting new grass seed from aeration, we add step 2 the overseeding.  Lawn overseeding is the process of sprinkling new grass seed over the patchy, brown, or scalped areas of your lawn.  These potential areas of seeding could result from the mowing deck being set too low and the grass was scalped,  high spots in your lawn, bald spots, brown patches, or areas where  grass is thinning.  Overseed to get a thick green lawn.  Having a thick green lawn also helps with weed prevention. Aerations can be done year-round. We are here when you need us. 

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