You have decided to hire a lawn maintenance company. Congratulations! Now what?  So many questions, right?  Perhaps you have always maintained your property and now you just need a wee bit of a break from that weekly task, or you have never wanted to maintain your lawn and you are looking for someone to do that task for you.  Maybe you started the season with fabulous intentions of keeping your lawn looking great, but…. the lawnmower needs serviced, the blades need sharpening, the fertilizer you like is out of stock at the local store, the aerator you need to rent is rented for months, the kids have things they want to do on weekends, your spouse and friends have fun things planned while you are fighting with lawn care.  Sound familiar?  We know how frustrating that can be, so let us look at the process of hiring a service.

First, let us start with what services does a lawn care maintenance company actually provided? The short answer is lots of things.  Kind of like an ala carte meal, you can pick and choose services.  Typically, spring starts off with aeration and fertilization.  Along with irrigation turn-on, trouble shoot, adjust and setting the zone clock to maintain water compliance.  Then the landscape gets growing!  So weekly mowing and trimming is needed.  Mid-summer aerations, fertilization, weed management is commonly recommended.  Rinse and repeat in the fall with aeration, fertilization, and winterization of irrigation systems.  But what about parties?  Yard a mess?  General clean-ups are a part of lawn maintenance as well.  Mulch and rock beds can get tired-looking, and a fresh load of mulch does wonders for appearance.  Let our technicians do the work for you.

Second, local or nationally owned company?  Well, that is up to you. Most everyone is familiar with the big franchises in lawn care, and we understand that some people prefer that approach.  While we ourselves are a bit partial to locally owned small businesses.Our local, young employees work hard to keep your lawns looking good and that helps our local economy.  Some of our guys and gals are seasonal and love working outside in-between college years, others are taking gap time between high school and college and several are training for management positions by taking industry standard courses in lawn care maintenance.

Third, trust.  This is your haven, your home, or your commercial property, you need the assurance that the workers sent to your home are reliable, ethical, and honest.  All our employees take training classes and are insured to be sure that they are providing safe, ethic, services.  Background checks are run on employees, many of our employees are long term workers and have an excellent track record of safety and ethical treatment of equipment and property.

Whatever you decide, we want your property to look well-cared for.  Advanced Property Maintenance (APM Colorado) has been providing quality lawn care in the Douglas County area for over twenty years.  And with new management, is excited to offer state-of-the art equipment, computer-based app dispatching systems, hard-working local employees, and friendly office staff to your home or commercial property to keep it looking its best.

Call us for a free no-cost estimate on your lawn maintenance service at 303-660-0708.